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This page is permanently under construction !!!
Last Modified: 4-18-2000

This page is a long planned project, but till now not a realized one...
As everybody else, I'm interested in layouts too. But the imagination is limited by available time and financials...(:-((

But "let us see the bear!":

  1. Because I was raised in the neighborhood of the railway station from Siófok, its old track system is in my heart of hearts. During the electrification of the line between Budapest and Nagykanizsa the tracks were rearranged in 1988/89... Therefore it is my most ardent wish to build its shortened version. But even the shortened version is more than 5 meters long...
    Unfortunatelly I don't have to many original documents to compare to so I worked from my memory, and it isn't completed yet. Therefore I hereby ask everybody to please help me!!! (I'm interested in everything: photos, drawings, etc.)
    The geometry on the visible part is with Pilz, on the hidden with BTTB tracks.
    Up to the present I arrived at following:

    Siófok visible
    on the visible part and

    Siófok hidden
    on the hidden part. It is a curiosity that the tracks on the left side are for both endstations (Budapest and Nagykanizsa) of the mainline, and the tracks on the right side are for the side-track towards Kaposvár. I want to shape the layout so the curves to the hidden tracks could be removed and standard module connections installed.

  2. I'm sure, I can't build the layout above under my present living circumstances (54 m2, 7th floor), so I've designed a few additional small layouts (max. 200 cm) with TrainCAD (see my Workshop page). Here are some of them:
    160x90 cm and the file.

    170x90 cm and the file.

    190x85 cm and the file.

  3. My current plan is to build the following small (90x90 cm) layout. I found the idea in the german newspaper "Modelleisenbahner" for N (1:160). With its small curves and significant rises it can utilized as a side-track. I intend to build 2 module connections on the hidden part too. Currently I am designing the framework. Later you can find news about the building of the layout here.
    Planed layout and the file.

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